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Jun 6, 2022
Sep 21, 2015
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Dec 26, 2000 (Age: 21)
Home Page:
Starbucks w/ Accept ❤️


Tom Holland, Male, 21, from Starbucks w/ Accept ❤️


QuickClick: Babe | Loser | Simp | Tryhard | Fren | Loser2 | Matt's property Apr 27, 2020

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Jun 6, 2022
    1. gabby
      wait you resigned
      1. Chain
        he got demoted for inactivity
        Jul 9, 2022
        gabby likes this.
    2. Policy
      Online today what
      1. Sando3
        Yeah I had a feeling Janice was going to resign by the way she was talking the other day about a big change coming combined with other situational stuff. So I promised her that if that was indeed it, I'd log in to give her the kind words she deserve

        Anyway I miss you tho and I hope you're doing good. Only Pandi from the original group that I still have the pleasure of keeping semi up with :c sadge
        Jun 6, 2022
        Policy likes this.
    3. Kyra
    4. Accepted
      thank you for your service <3 ?
    5. _Creed_
      In another life I got you falsely banned in bedwars again and MV is still alive n well
    6. boba
      SANDO D: <3
    7. Swift
      1. Sando3
        I dont crush on as many male anime characters as you :whistle:
        Jun 20, 2021
      2. Swift
        Jun 20, 2021
    8. Aly
      Congratulations on your promotion!
    9. mattenphew
      I'll miss u <3
    10. Agentyy
    11. gabby
      Proud of you <3
    12. sabrina
      ez get demoted L
      1. sabrina
        thank you so much for your service sando, you were an amazing staff member and and you are an even better friend <3 wishing you the best of luck :)
        Jun 16, 2021
    13. Rasmus
      Thank you Sando
      We will all miss you a lot <3
    14. Porky
      Idk what to say, you were by far one of the best head-mods the server has ever had, and thanks for helping me through hard times. Gonna miss you sando :(
    15. Cwes
      I'm glad I met you when I returned to MV, one of my best friends I've made on here.
      I'll miss working with you, thank you for everything <3
    16. Quertiss
      We'll miss having you on the team. Thanks for everything <3
      1. Sando3 likes this.
    17. clxrity
      not everyone on this earth gets to witness the spectacular mind of sando, and not every server gets as lucky to have someone like you around and witness your creativity. im lucky to of met you on here and lucky to of witnessed what you had to offer the server. thank you for everything. love you lots
      1. Chipemunk and Qwiby like this.
    18. Atom
      thank you for your service
    19. Justin
      thanks sando for everything
    20. Qwiby
      replace fren in the quicklink with me
      1. Swift
        imagine not being in sando's status
        Jun 20, 2021
        Qwiby likes this.
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    Dec 26, 2000 (Age: 21)
    Home Page:
    Starbucks w/ Accept ❤️

    Promoted to Moderator
    18th of June, 2019

    Promoted to Senior Moderator
    10th of November, 2019

    Promoted to Accept's Boyfriend
    8th of March, 2020

    Promoted to Discord Team Leader
    21st of June, 2020​

    Promoted to Head Moderator
    8th of November, 2020

    Resigned from the Staff Team
    15th of June 2021

    General Info
    1. Real name: Sander
    2. Nick name: Sando
    3. Gender: Male
    4. Sexuality: Gay
    5. Age: 20
    6. Birthday: 26.12.2000
    7. Location: Norway
    8. Timezone: CEST (UTC+2)
    9. Occupation: University
    10. Personality type: Shy / Introvert / Ambivert / Extrovert / Abnoxious

    11. Height: 185 cm / 6'1 feet
    12. Weight: 60 kg / 120 lbs
    13. Body build: Skinny
    14. Skin Tone: White
    15. Hair length: Short
    16. Hair colour: Brown
    17. Eye colour: Brown
    18. Glasses: No, but I need
    19. Handicap(s): None
    20. Piercing(s): None
    21. Tattoo(s): None
    22. Freckles: No
    23. Make-up: No
    24. Nail polish: No
    25. Facial hair: No
    26. Shoe size: 42 EU / 9 US / 8.5 UK
    27. Sweatpants/Jeans: Jeans
    28. Shirt/Sweater/Hoodie: Shirt
    29. Socks or barefoot indoors: Socks
    30. Wear what in bed: Underwear and socks

    31. Mom: Yes
    32. Dad: Yes
    33. Siblings: 2 brothers
    34. Pet(s): 1 dog (brown labrador)
    35. First word(s): Jam & grandpa

    36. Relationship status: Taken
    37. Have you ever edated: Yes
    38. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes kinda
    39. How many relationships have you been in: 2
    40. Celebrity crush(es): Tom Holland
    41. First crush: Egil
    42. Want kids: Sure
    43. Eyes or lips: Eyes (blue o.o)
    44. Looks or personality: Personality
    45. Hookup or relationship: Relationship
    47. Ideal height: Around the same as me

    46. Ideal age: ±2 years
    48. Sub, dom or switch: Switch
    49. Mention one hot trait / major turn on: British accents omg #tomholland
    50. The biggest kink you have (that you can mention without getting banned): Experimentalist

    51. Guy or girl friends: Both, but most are female
    52. Do you know who your real friends are: Yes
    53. Do you have a friend you hate, but pretend to like: Yes (Frida)
    54. Describe a good friend in 3 words: Funny, nice and caring
    55. Got intimate with a friend: No

    56. Met an online friend IRL: Yes (Waffles and Tak)
    57. Friend you miss the most: Tigerz / irl=Dina
    58. Friend you talk to the most: Swift / irl=Silje
    59: IRL best friend(s): Silje, Dina, Sol, Vivi, Nathan, Milla
    60. Online best friend(s): Accept, Tuber, Swift, Waffles, Tak, Noface, Pandi, Connor, Pile, Tiban, Gobby, matt (had to add this myself sando, what the ??), Clurrity, Aly, Diggy, Tigerz, Courtney, Spider, Taco, Logen, Random, Auzzi, WhyET, Phillip, SwagGirl, Pip, Senpai, Cheetah, Methy, Prim, bunnygirls, maskedmadness, Exposed, Qwiby, Crossfields, Chipe, Quert, Kinsey, Janice, Crew, Abbie, Sabrina, Rasmus, Cwes, [...]

    61. Food: Taco
    62. Fruit: Banana
    63. Vegetable: Bell pepper
    64. Berry: Blueberry
    65. Pizza topping: Pepperoni
    66. Hot beverage: Tea
    67. Cold beverage: Coke
    68. Colour: Blue
    69. Flower: Waterlilies
    70. Animal: Dogs
    71. Number: 3
    72. Book: I am number 4
    73. Film: Star Wars
    74. Anime: Attack on Titan
    75. TV Series: Sherlock
    76. Quote: "No sh*t Sherlock"
    77. Actor/actress: Bennedict Cumberbatch, Tom Cruise, Tom Holland
    78. Song(s): ADAMAS
    79. Artist(s): Melanie Martinez, Sia, Alan Walker, TØP, LiSA
    80. Youtuber(s): Yogscast, Daz, Pewdiepie
    81. App(s): Discord, Snapchat
    82. Game(s): Minecraft, Among Us, Gartic Phone, Chess, DST, CIV
    83. Subject(s): Science
    84. Sport(s): Skiing
    85. Football team(s): Spain - Barcelona FC - Liverpool

    Have you ever
    86. Been in a car accident: No
    87. Been in jail: No

    88. Believe in life after death: No
    89. Believe in: Aliens / Ghosts / Angels / None
    90. Snuck out of the house: Yes
    91. Fired a real gun: No

    92. Cried when someone died irl: No
    93. Cried because of a film/video: Yes
    94. Do you celeberate halloween: Yes
    95. Do you celebrate christmas: Yes

    Additional info
    96. Ingame donor rank: God
    97. Favourite gamemodes: Bedwars, Skywars, Survival

    98. Biggest snapchat streak: 1431 (Connor)
    99. How many flights: Must be around 100

    100. Secret talent no one knows about: I can move my nose and ears

    Last ... [28.06.2020]
    101. Last person you talked to: Accept
    102. Last person you texted: Accept
    103. Last person you hugged: Probably my grandparents actually
    104. Last person you had a crush on: Kristoffer (not currently)
    105. Last thing you ate: Bread
    106. Last song you listened to: Hero too - MHA
    107. Last video/film/show you watched: Your name
    108. Last film you watched in cinema: Weathering with you
    109. Last thing you bought: Iced tea
    110. What would you want your last words to be: do what you what be are make you what you dad