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    If you're reporting a moderator please make sure you have solid evidence or don't make a thread at all. If you false report a moderator just to get them demoted you will be punished.
    1. Your ingame name:
    2. Moderator name:
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it:
    4. Evidence/screenshots.

    Before posting your report of a staff member, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Can this situation be resolved via PM and/or ban appeal?
    • Am I only reporting this mod because they didn't respond to my appeal/ignored me once in game?
    • Do I solely believe that this moderator is abusing their powers, and/or goes against the rules of Mineverse?
    • Do I have solid proof of what I'm reporting this moderator for?
    • Am I only reporting this moderator because they denied my appeal, or did not handle a report the way they should have/I wished they did?
    There have been way too many invalid reports made against staff members. This thread was solely made to address these allegations.

    There have been threads reporting moderators for not handling a report they way a player thought they should handle it. Before filing the report you want to make, consider the fact that you can PM this moderator asking why so and so received this certain consequence. (for example; you reported a player for their foul mouth, but they only received a warning. If you believe this player deserved a ban, kindly ask the moderator why they thought they deserved a warning).

    If you are reporting a moderator for inactivity:
    Your job as a player is not to worry about what staff members are doing or not doing. Quert and Sando know what moderators are active and inactive, and if they feel they are too inactive, they will demote them. Your report will be most likely deemed invalid and will be closed without further explanation.

    Things that you MAY report a moderator for:
    • Abuse of powers (using /god, /fly in pvp, tping players to illegal places, being biased, etc)
    • Banning/muting for no reason (that is after you make a ban/mute appeal)
    • Persistent foul language or disrespect against a player.
    • Breaking Mineverse Rules (Rules are found here)
    And, as said in the Report Form for staff reports: "If you false report a moderator just to get them demoted you will be punished."
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