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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Archive' started by Toheedprff786, Aug 14, 2020.

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  1. Toheedprff786

    Toheedprff786 Experienced Member

    im just making this thread cus a lot of comments on sniffmytoes's post were deleted for being 'off topic'

    too many staff members are just trash tbh. bias and abusive is what many are. too many people simping for them which increases their chance of getting staff. sando even openly admitted that they can vouche for their 'friends' aka simps. im not saying this about h-mods,admins or crew cus they actually have brains and dont let people take advantage of them and allow them to simp to inflate their egos. the problem i have with matt (the admin) is that he is mainly on discord and rarely is seen on mv and does seem to have simps but apart from that all h-mods+ are pretty good. so the topics for this thread are:
    • simps
    • staff having fragile egos
    • abusive mods
    • bias mods
    • mod applications
    • mods falsely deleting posts to hide the truth
    just hoping no1's post is deleted for being 'off-topic'
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  2. Gang

    Gang Experienced Member


  3. izzymoney

    izzymoney Member

    i agree because i see a lot of mod applicates that are not accepted but they have a lot of supports and the person is really nice and should be mod but the applicate still is not accepted but it should be accepted
  4. Qwiby

    Qwiby Experienced Member Premium

    Friends = simps 2020
    Yes @matt has friends
  5. WiiTarded

    WiiTarded Experienced Member

    you could start by imagining the type of person who would want to be an internet moderator
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  6. Chipemunk

    Chipemunk Experienced Member

    I really don’t see the issue with mods being friendly with the community or making friends with certain players, if an applicant is an applicant that usually means they are well known in the community so them having friends who are staff is completely understandable. i don’t understand what you want them to do - be completely souless,
    I think you’re forgetting staff aren’t police officers or undercover FBI agents that must remain professional in every way - they are usually teenage volunteers who also want to have a good time & rightly so.

    I understand your concern with them being “bias” but if you get to know an applicant obviously you’re going to recommend them for moderator or support them as staff because you know their character. But moderators have no say who gets moderator it’s up to the administrators.
    I really don’t understand how a staff may act effects them that just your personal opinion on them
    matt just oversees the actual server he has nothing to do with staff, handling reports etc, aka if the server went down he’d handle it, if logs for an alleged abusive staff member were needed etc
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  7. Atom

    Atom Well-Known Member

  8. Skrown

    Skrown Experienced Member

    are all these rants starting because they didnt/havent gotten mod on mineverse
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  9. sabrina

    sabrina pigeon #2 Moderator Premium

    why do people overuse this term in the wrong way? just like you and everyone else on this server, staff can support applicants who are their friends, as they know their capabilities.
    the applicants are people with whom the staff team will have to communicate with regularly for the next months/years of their lives, so can you blame them for supporting applicants that they actually like??

    Admins aren't responsible for moderating the server, the moderators are. matt does more behind-the-scenes jobs such as installing plugins and administration, hence the title, admin. He, along with many of the other staff members, are friendly and approachable, as staff should be, and for that reason they have friends, not simps. this is a game. the staff volunteer on this game. they are allowed to relax and have fun and make friends just as much as everyone else.

    as for the conversation topics:

    this term is grossly overused. just because staff members are friends with non-staff does not make the non-staff "simps". since when did simping for someone = being someone's friend?

    fragile egos? do you really think anything that is said to them through a block game actually affects them? grow up.

    sando has said before that it is extremely hard to demote a staff member and it shouldn't be. abusive staff are a problem which needs to be solved. staff reports can be made however, and staff are encouraged to come forward and explain themselves when a report is made about them.

    i don't quite understand this one, so i'm going to take it in the context of moderator applications.
    i'm pretty sure that for an applicant to be accepted, it has to be agreed upon by the majority of the staff team. that said, it's pretty hard for one or a few staff members to get one person accepted just because they like them. and if the applicant does have any personal connection with staff members, this is taken into account.

    there's so so so many threads on this. i'm not gonna get into it here.

    they gave a reason for deleting those posts, it was because they were becoming off topic and quite frankly toxic, which is not the environment that the staff wanted to foster.

    sorry for going off on one, i'm just tired of all of these threads being made about "bad staff" when people are blinded by their own opinions.
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  10. Disc

    Disc Active Member

    I like this thread its very funny
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  11. matt

    matt Administrator Administrator

    90% of the work I do on Mineverse, Skyblock, Minetime, etc, is entirely backend and behind the scenes.
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  12. Salvation

    Salvation Active Member

  13. Aly

    Aly Alchemist Premium

    If you believe staff are abusing or being bias, feel free to staff report them here. Trash talking staff is against the Forums rules, and that's what this entire thread is about.

    Thread locked for failure to adhere to forum rules and responsibilities.
    If you disagree with this action, please report this post, and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it.

    Kind regards,
    The Staff
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