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Skyblock Skyblock changes

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SillyBing, Oct 20, 2020.


Change the Skyblock economy

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Joshbro156

    Joshbro156 Established Member

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    So far I have been playing the game for 2 weeks and I haven’t had trouble with the Server. Also I agree with Sillybing that there is no way that one person can overload a server. Also I have been farming pumpkins and had no problems with multiple people farming pumpkins at once.
  2. Noobcrew

    Noobcrew Server Owner Server Owner

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    Yes, they do. And one person can if a machine is loaded in the chunks they are around, if a machine is built and no one is around, then it won't be loaded and functioning.

    The server is basically always overloaded, this is what the tps looks like when one of them was triggered.


    Here you can see that within 1-2 seconds, the tps of the server was at 8 and within a second it shot up to 18 after the machine finishing it's task of hundreds of pistons going off. For the server to function, this should be at 20. If it's 10 for instance, then all functions takes twice as longer. Even though sometimes this might not be noticed, consistent lag is nothing anyone wants to experience and it will of course deter any new players from wanting to play. How long it's been going on and everything else is more of a reason for us to find ways to limit this.
  3. OhhmgHarder

    OhhmgHarder Experienced Member

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    Seems like the amount of players who play skyblock have dropped since these changes, including myself. I've addressed the issue if you want us to try and get us to use /warp shop that you can only sell 64 items/click. If anything this update has done to 'reduce' lag, it's probably made players including myself ontop of their pumpkin farm. i.e timing how long it takes for their chest's to fill up so they can come on and sell.

    I still reckon you should revert the prices back to the original price's for /sell all or come up with something better to make money. Not just for me, the new players too as there's been many people complain about how hard it is to make money for new players hence why I usually pay them when they first start.
  4. Voxygen

    Voxygen Active Member

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    I feel like we need to start detouring people from using those big redstone automatic farms they are extremely laggy, I say we need to find an farming item that will be easier to farm by hand or by tool to get it then sell rather than an automatic farm do everything because lag on sky block can get annoying for players especially if it’s not even on your island that’s making you lag. Maybe make like nerherwart or sugarcane a bit more for a stack so people can make those farms instead of the economy being sully based of pumpkins. I would also add the cobble gen ore plugin where when your mining for cobblestone you get random ores occasionally so players could grind for ores then make some money that way. I’ve seen a lot of resent sky block server use iron golems spawners or iron for there main economy which I think is a good idea but again it gets to the op side of sky block which some players don’t like.

    Also for something that hasn't been fixed is the sand dropping on island you cannot drop sand out of your inventory to give to other player or trade that way which I don’t understand why that is like that but it should be fixed when every other item can be dropped on island or wherever.

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