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    Anyways I know other people have already made new parkour levels, however I decided to try and crack at it as well. Ill likely upload a play through video later but for now enjoy some pretty screenshot sneak peaks

    General notes:
    I know Mineverse is currently running off of nostalgia and I kept this in mind while building these levels. If they look similar to other current levels, that's because they are. I put a lot of effort into imitating muse's build style even down to the amount of jumps per level.

    (Intuitive, easy to read parkour)
    (Mostly fence, ladder, and block jumps)
    (10-22 Jumps on average)
    (No ice, Slime, or half block jumps)
    (Attempting to keep similar build shapes)
    (Levels 12,24, and now 36 having a similar jump pattern: 35, 45, and now 65)

    On the negative side something I wound up struggling with for these levels are blind jumps. You wind up needing to use f5 a lot for your first play through, and while muse's levels had that feature as well; it just gets worse when you're building harder jumps.

    (Further jumps around blocks = more blind jumps)

    If you would like to visit the actual levels, go to /creative2 and then /plot visit Katilyn 2
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you have a good day :)
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    Support! The parkour levels look great. I hope your dedication to improving parkour does not go unnoticed.
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    ^Also support, would love to see some new improvements made to parkour, thank you for making a thread about it as well.

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