Mineverse Survival Updates - August 26th, 2023

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    Mineverse Survival Updates - August 26th, 2023
    • Added some new prizes in crates once again!
      • Voter
        • [+] Pet Cod
      • Common
        • [+] Pet Frog
      • Rare
        • [+] Swift Sneak I Book
      • Epic
        • [+] Swift Sneak II Book
        • [+] Parrot Spawner
    • Added parrot spawner in /shop for $600,000.
    • Added sculk sensor in /shop for $3,500.
    • Added sculk shrieker in /shop for $4,000.
    • Added a hologram at /warp crates.
    • Updated crates area (/warp crates) with new decorations and heads.
    • Added a staff team area at /spawn with in-game staff listed
      • Moderators, Senior Staff (Senior and Head Mod), and Administrators (Admins and Owner)
    • Prefixes are displayed in private messages (/msg).

    We will be revamping the survival quest shop soon! Please let me know any quest suggestions you have and any ideas on what to add to the quest shop. Thanks!
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    i know this is a small stretch but I think when we reach 50quest points we can exchange for a nether star? "used to make beacons" I decided 50 points due to the rarity it is in the crate and the revamped possibility of the function of the netherstar. Also 50 points can be calculated to 6 epic keys in which helps facilitate somewhat of luck with them to get it or buy it strait from the store. Let me know.
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