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  1. Mineverse

    Mineverse System System

    • Harassment/Staff Disrespect: (verbal warning - perm mute based on offense history and situation)
    • Staff Impersonation: (1 day mute)
    • Chat Related Offenses: (verbal warning - 1 day mute)
    • Extreme Chat Related Offenses: (1-3 day mute)
    • Advertising: (31 day - perm lobby ban)
    • Hacking: (31 day - perm ban)
    • Forgery: In-game: (31 day - perm ban) Forums: (14-31 day ban)
    • DDoS, DoX or Account Hacking Threats: (14 day - perm ban based on offense history & severity)
    • Releasing Private Information: (7 day ban - perm ban based on offense severity)
    • Ban/Mute Evading: (ban for the same amount of time as the muted/banned main)
    • Blackmailing: (5-31 day ban)
    • Posting Malicious Links: (31 day automatic ban)
    • Trolling, & Staff impersonation: (1 day mute - 1 day ban)
    • Pet Hiding & Exploiting Bugs: (1-3 day ban)
    • TP Trapping and Death Traps/Warps: (7-31 day ban)
    • Griefing: (3-31 day - perm ban, depending on severity)
    • Illegal Trading: (3-14 day mute)
    • Inappropriate Names and Skins: (perm ban until changed)
    • Inappropriate Nicknames: (3 day ban)
    • Inappropriate Builds/Plots: (7-31 day ban based on number of offenses)
    • Safezone & Peaceful Gamemode Killing: (7-31 day ban)
    • Suicide encouragement/threats: (3-14 day mute)
    • Bots: Bots: (14-31 day lobby ban) Spambots: (immediate perm ban) Bot farming: (kick - 7 day ban + balance wipe)
    • Scamming: In-game: (7-31 day ban based on the number of offenses and severity) IRL: (31 day - perm ban based on the number of offenses)
    This is a shortened version of our rules and punishments. Some of these offenses are not so easily defined. Please take a look at these additional threads I have hyperlinked below for better clarification.
    • For a list of these rules defined click HERE.
    • For a list of our forum rules click HERE.
    • For a list of server specific rules click HERE.
    Punishment progression is global. Breaking the same rule twice anywhere on the server will result in a longer punishment. This means if you illegally trade on Kit, it will be considered a second offence if you illegally trade anywhere on the network again. The only exception to this is hacking which is handled per gamemode.

    Mutes over 1 day are global. Mutes shorter than 1 day will often be gamemode-specific, but may be made global based on severity and the number of offences. Staff have discretion to make short mutes global.

    Changes have been made please keep up to date. [8/6/2022]

    *Rules are subjected to change at any time and punishments can vary based on severity and player history. Please stay up to date by checking this thread frequently.
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