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  1. DerpJr-Jaden

    DerpJr-Jaden Established Member

    too lazy to read all this but add the old infection map submissions, there was plenty of great maps made that got left unnoticed and never got implemented:)
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  2. manu:)

    manu:) Established Member

    perhaps the addition of some form of collectables would be appreciated - say, tradeable items, either attained at the end of a full game with varying drop rates and thus rarities. alternatively, the addition of crates/keys, similar to those found in cs:go and other such games (of course not purchasable on the tebex store).

    also, though possibly moving away from the much loved nostalgic simplicity of the original gamemode, a server-resource pack, even just providing sound effects, say; at the beginning; throughout the game (as a 'countdown') or for crate openings. these of course are capable of costing a fair bit to produce, though, i'm sure, given the vast nature of mv's playerbase, we'd be able to find someone to volunteer, maybe offering a store voucher as an incentive.

    just a couple ideas off the top of my head :')
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  3. dune

    dune Active Member

    /friends and /staff gui doesn't work on infection
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  4. DeathAuras

    DeathAuras Moderator Moderator

    Hidden Content:
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    edit: nothing to see here just a suggestion that would allow mods to moderate better and easier. and to ban more hackers <3
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  5. Janice

    Janice Administrator Administrator

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much for your suggestions regarding the Infection revamp! Some work is already underway, but we'd love to hear your opinions on the following:

    A /shop has been heavily suggested, but what would you like to see included?
    - Smaller items such as armor/weapons on a per-game basis?
    - The ability to buy kits on a per-game basis?
    - Be able to unlock abilities such as /suicide or /feed permanently for a larger sum of ingame currency? How much?
    - To unlock abilities such as /heal all with a global cooldown for all players?
    - To unlock permanent upgrades such as armor or a sword for every game for a large sum of ingame currency?

    Shop items will be for purchase using in-game currency. Currency is earned from ./daily, voting, kills, etc. Feel free to include concrete examples!

    What daily/weekly challenge ideas do you have?
    - We'd love to hear some creative suggestions on what challenges we can have for max. prestige players.
    - What should the reward be for these challenges?

    How can we make the gamemode more EULA compliant?
    - Should we remove current /kits altogether? What can we change ranked kits to?
    - What new kits can we add that can be bought with in-game currency? Provide examples!
    - Should kits be bought in /shop or free with a command?

    Tagging users who've responded: @Intel, @W0RD, @Robo, @rent, @Tonya, @Atom, @Halex00, @dune, @alma, @Chain, @Itaaaaaa, @SmogX, @DerpJr-Jaden, @manu:)
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  6. Robo

    Robo Experienced Member

    /shop ideas
    Potential Temporary Perks (can be set to a time limit e.g 30 minutes or for a single match):

    - Add additional protection 1 to all armour pieces temporarily ($10 for a single match)
    - Start with rofl perks (e.g airstrike, 32 arrows, golden apple, attack wolves)
    Additional airstrike: $3 for a single match
    Additional 32 arrows: $3 for a single match
    Additional golden apple: $3 for a single match (you can only buy one extra)
    - Sword sharpness increase: ($4 for a single match)
    - Xp bottles! $20 should be able to buy you a stack of exp bottles from the /shop

    Potential Permanent Perks:
    - Unlock /suicide ($5)
    - Custom death messages (depends on death message, can have rare death messages cycle in shop so you have to wait for the one you want) ($10 - $200)
    - Permanent sword sharpness upgrade ($400)
    - Custom trails (depends on trail, donors will have exclusive ones that are not included in this. Trails in shop should cycle so you wait for a good one to come out) ($50- $1000)
    - Permanent helmet protection 1 increase ($500)
    - Permanent chestplate protection 1 increase ($1000)
    - Permanent leggings protection 1 increase ($700)
    - Permanent boots protection 1 increase ($400)
    - Permanent Fire Aspect Sword ($500)
    - Note: there should be no other permanent armour and/or sword upgrades other than these, because you will still upgrade your armour by leveling up. In case you think that these upgrade are too overpowered, I went through the human ranks & zombie prestiges and balanced them so they are able to function with this new shop system:
    Infection - Balancing Infection Ranks | Mineverse
    - Start with an extra airstrike ($200)
    - Start with extra 32 arrows ($300)
    - Start with extra golden apple ($300)
    - Start with attack dogs ($350)
    - Add feather falling 1 to boots ($500)
    - Weapon does x1.5 damage to zombies with prestige (Can be used to help balance prestiges) ($200)

    Currency examples:
    - Currency will be much rarer than exp levels, as it is a side thing and not the main focus of the gamemode. This will also give maxed players something to grind for.
    - /vote will reward 3 EXP levels & $1 with lucky votes being able to increase this
    - Currency can be earned from high killstreaks (add a daily limit to this, example: a 30 killstreak will reward $1 but you can only do this once a day so there's no people farming), /voting and daily/weekly challenges
    - /kits can be replaced with daily in game currency (/kit premium = $2 daily, /kit VIP $4 daily, /kit Sponsor $6 daily, /kit MVP $8 daily, /kit Elite $10 daily, /kit Supreme $12 daily, /kit god $15 daily, /kit titan $20 daily)
    - Auctions! Periodically there should be a server auction where the reward is something like 10 gapples, a rare custom death message, custom trail, temporary sharpness increase for the day etc. There's a lot of potential to this.
    - Don't add custom kits, because we still need to be able to level up with exp and gain armour pieces instead of buying a whole kit

    Daily challenge ideas:
    - Survivor: Survive 5 matches as human = rewards $1
    - No man standing: Kill 20 humans = rewards $1
    - /vote = rewards $1 and 3 exp levels (lucky votes can change this)
    - Prestige killer: Kill 5 zombies with prestige = rewards $2

    Weekly challenge ideas:
    - Experienced: Gain 30 exp levels = rewards $5
    - Vote a week in a row = rewards extra $5
    - Massacre: Kill 200 humans = rewards $10

    EULA Compliancy:
    - Remove kits altogether, give donators custom commands such as /trails & make their kits give them daily currency
    - Give donators custom death messages
    - Give higher donators access to /sneak

    Additional concept:
    From the permanent section of the /shop, you should be able to buy killstreak effects. Let me explain:
    Killstreak effects are extra buffs you will get depending on your killstreak, this is how we can combat too high prestige zombies being overpowered.

    For every killstreak you can buy an effect:
    - Every zombie kill (as human) will grant:
    You can choose to buy:
    - Grants regeneration for 3 seconds
    - Grants strength for 3 seconds
    - Grants speed 1 for 3 seconds
    These would all cost $100 each to buy permanently (you cant stack them, you can only choose one at time)

    - Every 5 killstreak will grant:
    You can choose to buy:
    - Grants extra 2 hearts (the absorption hearts from a gapple, these cannot stack)
    - Strength II for 5 seconds
    The additional killstreak perks will cost $500 to buy)

    NOTE: These do not clash with current rofl perks, and these can ONLY be bought from the /shop.

    Additional additional concept:

    Periodically there should be server events to hype players.

    E.g for one match every 40 minutes-hour there should be an event where zombies have increased buffs and if you survive you gain more rewards or similar events etc there's a lot of potential to this.

    Thank you and feel free to ask further on any of these concepts.

    Since you asked for concrete examples, here is a short concept video of the type of item shop I have in mind. Obviously the real thing would be cleaner but something like this.

    Small notes: The killstreak perks and bonus killstreak perks in the permanent item shop can only be used one at a time, not all three at once. Also at the end of the video it shows how much currency each donor kit would receive daily.

    P.S: Also I accidentally labelled the temporary items as being for 30 minutes when ideally they should be for one match, but either should work fine as long as they don't stay for too long.
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  7. Atom

    Atom Well-Known Member


    Robos basically said everything that's had to be said here, So I would go off his.

    Overall it seems that you're listening to the community pretty well, keep up the good work @Janice
  8. Tonya

    Tonya Experienced Member

    Hi Janice! Thank you for your consideration. Essentially, everything that Robo said is fantastic, but I have one comment:

    Are we going to keep max at prestige 10, or do a new prestige system where it goes all the way to 100? I prefer the latter, and so do other players according to some responses. With that being said, I think that we should have daily/ weekly challenges for all players, not just the players that are the max prestige. The challenges that Robo suggested are great.
  9. Halex00

    Halex00 Builder Builder

    Well I was gonna post a wall of text but now I don't have to. Thanks Robo.
    However, I would like to add that making it so zombies do not respawn on fire if they died on fire would be a very nice quality of life change. Also contemplating the idea of those daily and weekly challenges you mentioned also rewarding xp since if we remove kits (except for money kits like you mentioned) then the rankxp kits will be removed too. XP challenges would help to compensate for that. I also want to keep the idea of removing a few maps on the table, I feel like there are too many that are too biased towards the humans. We could do another infection map building monthly contest to compensate for that given that a guideline for the contest is to not make human biased or large maps. I would like to see more maps that have a similar size and pacing to the rust map. I hold rust as the golden standard for infection gameplay.

    I agree, we should relook at the prestige system and make it so that the system goes to at least 100, however in my opinion prestiges should be uncapped. At some point there would be no benefit to prestige other than to flex a high number however, I think others may find it fun to grind that. Torch's original idea of giving zombies gold armor for milestone prestiges like 25, 50, 75, and 100 was a neat idea though and I still support that.
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  10. Suixx

    Suixx Active Member

    i think there needs to also be a mass call to all old infection players, go to their homes and personally force them to go on their computers to play. i didnt even know this was coming back until i randomly hopped on the forums one day. this great news needs to be broadcasted world wide on large satellites. jus sayin.

    also, no one liked the small maps (temple, in particular, made me want to die)

    I think new maps should be created in honour of the game coming back fresh, but also the old maps should stay for ol' times sake (more the merrier if u get wat i mean ;) )

    As a God rank, I do love the kits but I see how they are unfair. I think all extra cosmetics in the game should be earned by progress, not by purchase. Maybe those who have a rank should have something to show they are a rank, but won't assist them in the game? Maybe a perk to fly in the lobby idk im jus spit balling.

    The prestige concept is something of a genius idea, and should stay. Perks given to players when alive and dead.

    That's all I can think of, but I'm so glad that infection may be coming back. It was literally my life growing up, and I'd love for us all to come together and have a good ol' game (and show people who have never experienced the magic of this game what they're missing)

    i quit mc a long time ago, but i'd deffo come back for a bit of cheeky infection.
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  11. Tonya

    Tonya Experienced Member

    Hmmmmm satellites could work..... so long someone can hack NASA and the government without being sus. I'm also thinking the server needs to broadcast this great news, maybe by paying for advertisements on those minecraft server list websites to attract more players to keep infection and other gamemodes active with a flow of new players.
    tldr I think minevere should advertise more, with satellites or with the internet
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  12. Chain

    Chain Boss Member

    Temple is a great map...I personally dislike the new huge and aesthetic maps that made playing as a zombie very unpleasant and boring.
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  13. amli

    amli Boss Member

    this 100%

    we need maps made by infection players who actually understand the game, not builders. I couldn't care less if the map doesn't look as pretty.
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  14. Robo

    Robo Experienced Member

    Okay so I agree with some parts of this but definitely not the bit about removing small maps. By your forums bio I'm guessing you didn't play infection during the 2019 revamp and played it during the old days since you mentioned hating temple. Hating on maps like temple was a big thing back in infection before the 2019 revamp and this was due to having such a large playercount that small maps like that seemed uneccessary and way too easy for zombies. Ever since 2019 though there's been a big shift on how people view these small maps (see the replies above me) with almost universal appraisal and big maps like cherokee have been viewed extremely negatively. My personal thoughts on this is that maps should adapt to the playing style and community size of infection. For example, when there are less players on infection big maps can go out of rotation because it makes it too easy for humans to survive. Smaller maps should be encouraged right now as the playerbase is the smallest it's ever been.
    Agreed on this as well. Putting detail in a map does nothing for gameplay. Anyone can make a good looking map, but those maps dont capture the original simplicity of the gamemode.
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