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    This thread's purpose is to help you understand what modifications we allow and prohobit. Not everything will be listed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask staff in-game. Generally we allow all mods that don't provide players with an unfair advantage.

    [+] Mods that make the game look better, smoother or add more animations.
    [+] Mods that help you gain more FPS or performance improvements.
    [+] Mods that don't give you a major or unfair advantage over other players.

    - Optifine
    - Damage Indicators
    - Armor Status HUD
    - Status Effect HUD
    - Shaders
    - Schematica (allowed without the use of printer)
    - MiniMap (allowed without showing entities/players)
    - Forge (allowed without disallowed mods)
    - 5zig
    - Labymod
    - PvPLounge
    - Badlion Client
    - Lunar Client
    - Cosmic Client

    NB: Though using these clients are allowed, some of them may contain features we don't allow you to use, for example macros or entities on minimaps.

    [-] Mods that give you an advantage over other players.
    [-] Mods that assist you in PvP fights/Building scripts.
    [-] Mods that come in a form of hacked clients e.g Killaura, Anti-KB, Tracers.
    [-] Glitching or duplicating items isn't allowed.

    - Hacked Clients (Clients that let users do things that they usually can not do. Such as fly, scaffold, killaura, etc.).
    - Clients that crash the server.
    - Macros of any kind are not allowed.
    - X-ray mods and X-ray texturebacks are strictly forbidden. All they do is show you where the goods are.
    - Any mod that gives players the ability to use 1.7 pvp mechanics (JustPvP).
    - Mods that automatically rearrenge your inventory or equip armour.
    - Mods that let you view other players' armour durability.
    - Mods that place and break blocks for you (Printer).

    Note: The use of mods is allowed on Lobby and Creative, as long as it isn't used to crash, grief or harm the server.
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