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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Robo, Apr 22, 2021.

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    Hello everyone, recently I have seen numerous threads on the revival of Infection, such as these ones below:
    Infection Revamp | Mineverse

    Infection - Revamp! | Mineverse
    Infection - Infection Revamp | Mineverse

    After reading these, it's clear that there is no unanimous decision on what needs to happen, and in all truthfulness it will not be easy (If it was easy then Infection would be thriving right now), and even though the majority of people would love the gamemode to be active, none of those people are actually on and we need to talk about why, and solve the problems that Infection has been facing. Below I will discuss what I personally think this gamemode needs for a revival through almost 8 years of playing.

    Why did Infection die?
    This question can't be answered simply. You can argue that the whole of Mineverse has gone downhill, and most servers see fewer players, but servers such as op pvp still reach a good amount of players at a time during the peak of the day.

    Infection was always one of Mineverse's most popular gamemodes, and despite this, its player count has never been as high as op pvp's or kit pvp's. At this point in time Mineverse is the last Java server which still has Infection (it took very long to revive) and after its death in 2018 it took almost two years to bring back, which proves how dead it had become. During 2013-2016, infection was a very popular gamemode which many servers offered, but now its long past its prime. I believe to bring back Infection we will need a major change in the core mechanics of the gameplay because the recent reset didn't even last a year until it died again, with people mainly revisiting it for nostalgia.

    How do we revive Infection?
    A major problem with Infection has always been with the balancing of kits. Prestiges, rank kits, even levels. There's a lot of diehard infection fans who are passionate about this gamemode and having grown up playing it, I can say that many of us are willing to discuss with @Noobcrew about how to go about balancing the gamemode. However simply adding new maps or fixing prestiges will not revive Infection.

    This next bit is only my opinion, but honestly I've been thinking that we need to start treating Infection as more of a minigame rather than a gamemode. People's attention spans are obviously short in general and to attract new players we need to advertise it as that. Shrinking down all maps to smaller rust-size versions with less detail, cutting the timer from 5 min to 3 min for shorter games, replacing prestiges entirely with a new currency for upgrades are all on the table. Simplifying the gamemode is a way to make it easier for new players to join while keeping the old players who want a fresh experience after so many years. Times have changed and we need to adapt to them to keep the server relevant.

    At this point we can either let Infection die because there won't be any other servers who will revive it, or figure out an entirely fresh system. Obviously more thought would need to be put in but it's a possibility I personally have been thinking of. Paying YouTubers to advertise Infection will also help in its revival. The most important thing is that the community has a say in what will happen.

    It's also extremely important for there to be constant interaction with the community for feedback from the staff team and those who are working on this. I don't want to say things against Crew but it takes a long time for things to be implemented, and communication between the higher staff and the community is nearly nonexistent other than suggestions which are not instant communication. Having constant updates and new content will keep the gamemode fresh, and that's the main problem with all of Mineverse, because if we can't have an owner or admins who can communicate with players daily and in game then they will be very out of touch.

    I am suggesting we revamp Infection, but change up its core mechanics which have been untouched since 2013. We need to work together as a community to suggest ways to bring back Infection, the old system has been proven not to work anymore and it gets extremely repetitive for players who have maxed out, even though they would love to be playing. Please feel free to make any more suggestions or ask any questions below. Thank you
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    it really needs to be done, but also so do other servers so they should revamp everything just my opinion lol because all the servers are really falling behind.

    But support!
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    support but it'll probs never happen
  4. Toad

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    Support. It might be a long time before any of this is implemented though.
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    This could be a big selling point to attract players! Anyway, I watch a lot of Kitchen Nightmare with Gordon Ramsay and I always see restaurants losing business because they don't update the interior, they don't change the menu, no new specials, etc. I find the same thing to be happening to this server! Without frequent updates and changes, people lose interest. Revamping infection and continuously pushing out updates to keep the game more fun and interesting would be awesome.
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    (This is a joke unless you actually wanna do it) Just spam crews discord dms lmfaow its not like he can ignore them/ignore the whole community
    Get like 30-50 players to go in his dms and he will either a. block you all b. reply c. ignore you
    Worth a shot :p
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