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  1. Janice

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    We lost a very special person this holiday season. @Max was taken from this world on December 18, 2021, due to a car accident.


    He was truly a light in the community for years and expressed nothing but kindness to everyone he encountered. At the very young age of 10, he took on responsibilities and acts of selflessness to help others and make the server a better place. He continued this on and off for about 6 years. Even after fully stepping down, he continued to share his stories by interacting actively with the community. He was full of love and had such a kind and giving soul. He absolutely loved Mineverse, and we loved him back. We will miss him dearly.

    Tributes to Max in loving memory:


    I was never super close with Max, but he has been a staple in the Mineverse community to me since the beginning. I’ve known him since I was 12 and he was 11 so in a way it feels like we grew up together on here. He was such a sweet and funny person to talk to, and I’m so grateful to have known him to any extent. He was so young, it’s not fair at all and it doesn’t feel real. I wish I had gotten to talk to him more recently. Much love for you Max, I miss you.


    For Max:

    Dearest friend, I’m so grateful to of gotten closer to you this year. It’s rare for me to find people just like you with such a genuine heart (and an amazing sense of humor). I can’t ever thank you enough for being such a great friend and overall great person in my life and so many others. I’m beyond saddened to of lost you but forever comforted by the fact you’ll live on through everything/everyone you’ve touched & impacted. Thank you for being there for me, thank you for everything. Forever in my heart. We love you, Max.

    — MJ


    Max was one of my closest friends on Mineverse, even if we didn’t talk every day. He was my twin and we constantly made fun of each other's ign. He was always so happy and full of joy, and I will miss him more than words can describe. Mineverse won’t be the same without him and I will miss his random posts on my wall more than anything and our back and forth banter. I will always cherish our time spent together on the mod team and just getting to be friends in general. Rest in Peace MaxNinja, I’ll miss you.



    Days turned into a week, and I knew something happened when you never messaged me back, especially during Christmas. I just never expected it to be so heartbreaking. I kept trying to deny it. It’s still very hard, but I’m healing . . . little by little. I’m grateful to have all the support from our friends, so don’t worry.

    I absolutely loved knowing you. You were my best friend. I found it so fascinating and beautiful how we were able to form such a close bond even if we were thousands of miles apart. There was no judgment; we really trusted and loved each other. You were so excited to tell me about your life, about college, about your dream car, and about your love of swim whenever you got the chance. You would stay up just to talk to me due to my busy schedule. You would always give me the best advice. You were so incredibly wise beyond your years. I still remember all the times we would talk about the stupidest things but end up laughing so hard until our stomachs hurt. You taught and supported me so so much. I learned from the best, and look at me now. It was all you. You were always there for me. Always.

    There's still so much I want to tell you, but it's hard to find the words. It's really difficult to find people like you. I'm so incredibly happy to have known you. I hope you’re having the best time in heaven. I'm never going to forget you. I love you, and I miss you, Max. Always and forever.

    Love, Janice​

    If you have any stories or memories of Max, feel free to share them. He would want us to look back at all the fun and smiles we had.
    As we look towards 2022, don’t take life for granted. We only have one. Hug those you love. Tell them you love them no matter how cringe it can be. Capture memories through pictures and videos. Live in the moment every day.

    From Noobcrew, Matt, and myself, we wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. Let’s make 2022 count!

    Please also note: 2021 Stats and Top Voters of December 2021 will be delayed. Thank you for understanding.
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  2. fran

    fran Experienced Member

    May he rest in peace ❤️
  3. hostile_dxvil

    hostile_dxvil New Member

    I don't know who he is, but he sounds like a great guy.

    May he rest in peace <3
  4. Voxygen

    Voxygen Active Member

    Wow he was always cool when I’ve talked with him taken way to young RIP Max!
  5. rent

    rent Tyler Moderator Premium

    This is devastating I had no idea... I love you Max rest in peace :(
  6. Porky

    Porky Moderator Moderator

    Me and Max haven't really spoken since 2019, ever since he returned to the staff team, but he holds a special place in my heart. rest easy max :(


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  7. FuriousStrafer

    FuriousStrafer Active Member

    I haven't had many interactions with him, but I know with absolute certainty that I was fond of him back then because of the mature & respectable person he is. May his soul rest in peace.

    My deepest condolences to him and his family.

    - lambo
  8. iMoneyMaker_

    iMoneyMaker_ Active Member

    Rest in peace Max :(
  9. Rasmus

    Rasmus Active Member Premium

    He was way too young, rest in peace Max ❤️
  10. Atom

    Atom Boss Member

    Max was one of the kindest and most wholesome people I've ever met. In all the times that I've interacted with him, he was always kind and never got angry at anyone.

    Rest in peace Max we all love you <3
  11. FearTheKlowns

    FearTheKlowns Well-Known Member Premium

    Max, I'll dearly miss you. You were such a wonderful guy when we met in Prison. You are always such a welcoming to new players on this server. I love you, Max, Rest in Peace.
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  12. Bananurz

    Bananurz Retired Head-Mod

    Devastating news. I am sick to my stomach. The world can be a cruel and unfair place, especially to those who least deserve it. I had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Max throughout the years. Max was always a beacon of light in this community and he will be dearly missed by us all. His status "i hate getting older" strikes a particular sadness in my heart. He was taken too soon but will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. My heart goes out to his family and all who knew him.
  13. Eclipciz

    Eclipciz Active Member

    Lost my original forums account, but this is Eclipciz.

    Him and I used to be friends those years ago, specifically remembering him becoming a staff member here. Although those years ago have long since past and I only remember generally, I remember playing with him and the experiences that brought me. His name brings up nostalgia and childhood for me and it's a pain to see this post so many years later.

    Shame for him to be taken so soon, rest in peace.
  14. TAT

    TAT Active Member

    lost of word , rest in peace <3
  15. Watermelonone

    Watermelonone Experienced Member

    Rest in peace max <3
  16. boba

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    may he rest in peace <3
  17. plarz

    plarz Active Member

    I'm devastated that this happened, all love to his family, rest in peace brother! ❤️
  18. Ares_Xena

    Ares_Xena Boss Member

    Max, Sean (his brother), and I would play for hours on the original Survival. So many fond memories. It's devastating to know he passed away. RIP, Max.
  19. PiLe

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    I met Max the same year he made his Minecraft account. He was 10 years old hence the “10” at the end of his name. He would have been 19 this March.

    When I first agreed to come work for Crew I just thought it would be fun working on the game I loved to play. I had no idea the relationships I would make over my years here or how much these kids would mean to me.

    Max was like a son to me. So close in age to my own son, he always called me “mom”. He was silly and stubborn, kind and selfless. He never even swore in my presence. He would do anything for the people he loved and was loyal to his core. He was always “Pile’s favorite” even when he selflessly tried to deny it.

    I knew it was unrealistic to think all these kids would grow up and live their best lives. That none of the kids I grew to love here would be robbed of that chance. But the reality of knowing some might never get the chance to grow up at all was always too unbearable to think about. Max was robbed from this world too soon. I’m just so broken.

    I loved this boy. So much.
    I will remember him always.

    May you rest forever peaceful my sweet sweet boy.
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  20. WallaceIsDead

    WallaceIsDead Experienced Member

    Still remember NASA and i teaming up on prison. Thanks for the memories Max <3

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