Guide to a good ban appeal. [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Mineverse, Oct 1, 2020.

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    • Admit to your wrong doing. It is always better to confess that you have done something wrong. Saying that you don't know how to hack will not get you anywhere.
    • Be respectful in your appeal. Insulting the Mineverse staff reduces your chances of getting unbanned. I have read one appeal that had foul language, and was quite insulting.
    • Have good reasons to be unbanned. Saying that you love the server is not going to get you unbanned. What you need to do is explain why YOU think you should be unbanned. Example: I have removed all forms of hacks and deleted them. I will never use hacks ever again.
    • Don't try to hide anything. Its always better to be truthful in your appeal.
    • Make it look neat, and pretty to the eyes. Writing your application like this make it hard for the staff to read <- (Writing the appeal like that makes it hard for the Staff to read)
    • Don't disrespect ANYONE even if they're smack talking you. If you don't like what their saying, wait for someone to come along and get them to stop. Don't just dig yourself a bigger hole.
    • Be patient, no body likes it when people bump something.
    • Polls dont help. The decision is ultimately up the the staff.
    Bad Examples:

    1. I was banned but i did nothing wrong my computer can't run hackz. What are hackZ. Unbans me i love ur severzzzz.

    - Reason its bad. Horrible grammar. No correct capitalization. Hackz? Serverzzzzz? Don't have your appeal be like this.

    Good Examples:

    1. IGN: Example
    Reason: Swearing
    I am sorry that I swore, and was unaware that it would insult the person. I will be much nicer because I had a similar encounter, and realized that it is not fun to be called a &*#@#. I will respect players now.

    Bad Reasons. Don't Put These In Your Appeal:
    1. I will buy Donor if I get unbanned.
    2. I will give you 100 dollars if I am unbanned.
    3. &#[email protected]$ you! I didn't to anything wrong! Your staff is the worst!
    4. I don't know how to hack! <- (Seriously?)
    5. My friend made me do it
    6. It was my brother on my account
    7. I did it in my sleep
    8. I'm a donor rank
    9. I will kill myself
    10. I will kill myself in front of the world and post it on youtube
    11. I will DDoS the server
    12. I will DOX all your staff
    13. I will hack the server (Good luck..)
    14. I will [insert stupid horrible threat here]

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