Survival claim clear again[Lack of Evidence]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Dustyf@ll, Apr 6, 2023.

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    Use this forum to report a player for breaking any rule. Please include:
    1. Your ingame name: DustyFall
    2. The offender's exact ingame name: Mathorlaugh
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: claiming a supposed area of "propety"
    4. Evidence/full screenshots:
    NOTES: it has come to my attention that the claim recently got cleared but this person still has the portal claimed is this a reclaim after the clear? i want to decorate the endportal and well yeah it is still claimed. /warp endportal can this be bannable i feel like its so targeted
    - Please make sure your name is shown in the evidence via scoreboard/chat
    - You cannot report on behalf of other players
    - Use the HIDE button if you wish to keep certain information private
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    I'll be closing this report due to lack of activity/response on our behalf. If this remains an ongoing issue, please feel free to make another report or PM a staff member.
    Apologies for the lack of reply.

    Thank you for the report.
    Unfortunately the evidence provided is insufficient.
    Should you gain more evidence in the future, do not hesitate to report this player(s) again.

    Kind regards,
    The Staff
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