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    Please use this section to report issues affecting gameplay for everyone.
    If it only affects you, make a thread about in the help section or make a support ticket.

    » Please follow this template when making a Bug | Glitch report:

    1. Your in-game name:
    2. Gamemode that the bug and/or glitch is affecting:
    3. Description of the bug and/or glitch:
    4. Video/screenshots of the glitch:
    5. Steps to reproduce the glitch:

    » Name the thread "[Gamemode] short bug description"

    - Create bug reports HERE -

    [Global] A way to bypass the anticheat
    [Bedwars] Spectators can kill alive players
    [Infection] Infinite airstrikes
    [Skyblock] Crate reward bug
    [Survival] Dupe glitch

    I can't find my plot on creative
    What is "Anticheat - Inventory C"

    I lost my infection levels
    I can't build on my creative plot
    I didn't receive my donator rank
    I can't log on Mineverse because my IP is flagged as a VPN
    I won MVP from the legendary crate, but already have a rank higher than MVP
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