READ! Ban Appeal Forum Rules - Read before posting a ban appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Mineverse, Oct 1, 2020.

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    1. Your primary appeal rests with the Mod(s) that banned you.
    2. You may contact the Mod who banned you by Forum Mail, and refer them to your well thought out, complete and sincere Ban Appeal. Troll, insult, flame, offend, lie... and you will likely not be considered for an unban.
    3. DO NOT beg to be unbanned. Your application will be denied when doing so.
    4. DO NOT post in ban appeals unless you have information directly regarding the appeal itself. Doing so will result in a permanent forum ban.
    5. DO NOT appeal temporary bans consisting of 1 day or less. They will not be considered.
    6. DO NOT spam or bump your ban appeal. We are well aware of your appeal, you do not need to constantly reply on your ban appeal for the sake of bumping. You are allowed to make one post per day in regards of bumping your appeal. Any more bumps will result in an infraction.
    7. DO NOT create multiple ban appeals.
    8. Posting anything about donations will not help your case. This is considered a bribe and your appeal will be denied. We treat all players equally.
    9. Create a ban appeal following this form.

    Temporary bans of 6 hours are a result from the server thinking you are flying. This is caused by "block glitching", placing blocks in spawn to attempt to get to a location you are unable to by normal methods.
Thread Status:
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