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  1. mattenphew
  2. bobalatte
    bobalatte SmogX
    Thanks for your service! :)
  3. iPlayzGamez
    iPlayzGamez Yin
    10 years!?! It's so funny looking at everyone's pages on the forum, hope you're doing well!
  4. iPlayzGamez
    It has been 10 years since I joined this forum. Looking back at my old posts is very cringy but makes me reminisce on my childhood. I'm 19 now and in my first year of college. Is anybody still active on this?
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  5. mattenphew
    mattenphew DeathAuras
    Thanks death <3
  6. bexr
    One day at a time. :)
  7. DeathAuras
    its been a good run, thanks for all the memories <3
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  8. WhyteDuck
    WhyteDuck Qwiby
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    2. WhyteDuck
      how you been qwibster
      Nov 18, 2023
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    3. Qwiby
      Im ight, still waiting on PK to be opened. Working my off rn and focusing on my career a lot more tho wbu
      Nov 23, 2023
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    4. WhyteDuck
      Whats PK and what are u doin bruh - you soundin like a whole grown up
      Nov 23, 2023
  9. Yin
    Crazy to think its been 10 years since I first joined the forums. During that time, I went from some cringey mini-modding child to to closing in on my bachelors degree and working a laboratory job. Even crazier to think there are peers from here that I still talk to even to this day. Thanks for all the memories, glad to have been a part of this!
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  10. bre
    i stg im bouta use this like it’s mf twitter but, i am so in my grinding era
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    2. bobalatte
      status update: ready for it
      Nov 15, 2023
  11. WhyteDuck
    WhyteDuck mattenphew
    wag1 g run me your pockets fam
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    2. mattenphew
      ah you're still here are you
      Nov 10, 2023
    3. WhyteDuck
      i'm always lurking.. this was an old home :' (
      Nov 12, 2023
  12. Daddy Camel
    Daddy Camel Rakion
    What's ur discord?!
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    2. Rakion
      sent you a dm!!
      Nov 11, 2023
  13. PotatoDew
  14. PotatoDew
  15. PotatoDew
  16. PotatoDew
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  18. PotatoDew
    PotatoDew Wolfie
    where u go
  19. luka : )
    luka : )
    why hello there
  20. Mthew